140’s mechanical, electric, plumbing and life safety systems will be completely new, designed with tenant controls, efficiencies and scalability in mind. These new systems, combined with modernized elevators; a complete seismic upgrade; and advanced building management tools, will give 140 the most technologically robust interior space in the marketplace.

Seismic Upgrades: 140 will receive a complete seismic upgrade that will preserve the building’s iconic architecture while improving the building’s safety and performance. The concrete and steel outrigger system allows for the seismic upgrade to be achieved without

blocking a single tenant’s window, and new concrete interior shear walls will do double-duty by framing new restrooms, data and electrical rooms on each floor.

The Next 100 Years: The installation of an advanced building management system (BMS) will allow 140 to keep pace with the 24-7 lifestyle of San Francisco businesses. A new exterior maintenance system will be constructed for window washing and long-term exterior protection, and a new scalable HVAC system will make it possible for the building to adapt to changing heating and cooling requirements in future years.