The adaptive re-use of an existing structure is an inherently sustainable building practice. Rehabilitation involves less material, less waste, and less transport. Starting with the platform of an historic landmark, 140 has been positioned to achieve LEED Gold core and shell certification along with the following additional thresholds of sustainability:

LEED Platinum: With operable, oversized windows, 100% outside air at each floor, low-flow plumbing fixtures, and efficient lighting, 140 gives tenants the ability to meet their sustainability goals, including achieving LEED Platinum designation for interior spaces.

Innovative Design Practices: To position itself for the future, 140 is installing a “purple pipe” plumbing riser that will allow the building to use reclaimed water when it becomes available. 140 will also sub-meter utilities, giving tenants control and responsibility for their own consumption of water and electricity. Tenants can also adopt innovative design practices such as day lighting and natural space ventilation in addition to specifying sustainable interior finishes and furnishings when building out their individual environments.